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Lady robbed in front of Panti Police Station says 10 armed officers witnessed the incident



Nigeria News

A lady has accused police officers attached to Panti Police Station of negligence, and refusing to bring the criminal who robbed her in front of the police station to justice.

Lady robbed in front of Panti Police Station says 10 armed officers witnessed the incident lailasnews

According to the lady, she was robbed by 6a.m and the 10 armed policemen who witnessed the incident told her they are busy. Reads tweets from @T_oluwalase on the incident in front of Panti Police Station;

My bag was hijacked this morning by 5am directly in front of the Panti police station. About 10 armed policemen WITNESSED it.I begged them to chase the guy since their truck was there. They said they are going somewhere and I need to go lodge a complaint inside the station.

In summary, police said they were too busy to help me. I meant 6am not 5am. Thanks all.

Lady robbed in front of Panti Police Station says 10 armed officers witnessed the incident lailasnews 1

Recall that few months ago, a Nigerian accountant @stanwalka, in his tweets disclosed that he got a fake tinted glass permit for his car from Lagos Police headquarters.

According to him, he got to know that it was a fake tinted glass permit after he had an exchange with a policeman at Benin Bypass, during a road trip he took to Abuja. His tweets reads;

I wanted a tinted permit 4 my vehicle. I didn’t want a middleman, 2 avoid stories that touch, so I carefully filled the form online myself, printed out a copy, woke up one morning & “carried” myself to @PoliceNG force headquarters in lagos (annex as they call it)

I drove in there and asked for data capturing office. I was directed to an office. a man in that office took the printed copy and asked for my passport photograph, I told him @PoliceNGhas explained that we don’t need passport for tinted permits but he argued on he sounded right plus what do I have to lose?

I went back to the car and gave him one. he said it’s 15k, I was shocked because it’s free but I remembered bail is free and paid him. I asked about capturing, he said it’s no longer required and asked me to come back in a week I got his name and phone number, truecaller showed he gave me his supposed name. he also stamped the initial printout i took there for temporary use.

I didnt even bother to check it. who needs it in Lagos. i went back after a week and got the document. it looked beautiful. lol yesterday, I took a road trip to Abuja, with all my vehicle papers intact or so I thought as I passed every road block with a sigh of relief until I hit Benin bypass. haaaaa, I am from edo state & I dread my @PoliceNG brothers from that axis. I stopped as usual and alas

The officer said your tinted permit is fake, we argued on but he was so sure that I began to doubt myself. he asked for the initial printout. I ransacked my car and found it. it was stamped with the IG stamp… . I shook my head and agreed this document is completely fake

@PoliceNG you have a scam going on right inside your headquarters and they are aided by high ranking officers. I won’t give more away at this stage. I’ll understand if you choose to do nothing because #ThisIsNigeria. I will use Abuja contacts to get a genuine one and we move

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