Lady narrates how her friend sexually assaulted her

A young lady has taken to social media to narrate how her friend sexually assaulted her and went on to blackmail her emotionally.

The South African lady identified as, @Lwamanyamande_T on Twitter, narrated how the guy who she felt was her friend tried to force him self on her.

Though he wasn’t able to have sexual intercourse with her, he assaulted her by rubbing his manhood between her thighs. See what she wrote below;

A guy I called a friend tried forcing himself on me two weeks ago. I tild him to stop and he pulled his pants down and put his dick between my thighs. He kept going until he came. When I cried he started hitting me saying I’m trying to ruin his life. I’m not okay.

When asked if she has reported the case to her parents or relevant authorities, the young lady revealed that he went on to blackmail her emotionally. She wrote;

The reason i haven’t was because he said he didn’t put his dick in me. So i felt so trapped and useless. I was scared still. I’m such an intelligent person, but this crippled me emotionally and psychologically, i knew what to do next, but I didn’t

I’m scared. And it’s someone you know. It’ll cause such huge havoc. Knowing the church we go to even. It’s already a toxic community. So ngzofela ngaphakathi

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