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Lady loses scholarship after getting into Twitter beef with a staff



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A lady has lost her scholarship after getting into Twitter beef with a staff.

There was drama on Social media, yesterday, after a woman named, Naomi H, won and lost an internship at NASA in less than a day, thanks to her tweet.

Lady loses scholarship after getting into Twitter beef with a staff lailasnews

Naomi H shared on Twitter that she had accepted an internship at NASA with a rather emphatic, profanity-laden tweet.

But days later, Naomi lost her internship after a Twitter frenzy ensued following her announcement, wherein she exchanged tweets with Homer Hickam, former NASA engineer, regarding her language.

A now deleted thread started off with Naomi H sharing the news of her internship:



Her tweet got a reply from Homer Hickam, former NASA engineer, and member of the National Space Council:


To which Naomi replied;

“Suck my dick and balls I’m working for NASA”

Hickam then replied with;

And I am on the National Space Council that oversees NASA.

It turns out, Hickam was telling the truth. He’s one of nearly two dozen people named to Vice President Mike Pence’s newly created National Space Council’s Users Advisory Group.

Naomi’s Twitter account is now private, but @Saphykitten shared on Twitter that Naomi has lost her internship.

Hey, remember this girl? Yeah, she lost her internship and deleted her twitter account. Guess she learned a serious life lesson.

— Saphy~ @RF2015 (@Saphykitten) August 20, 2018

Twitter has been pretty divided over the past couple of days about who is in the wrong, and if Naomi should have lost her internship for her tweet.

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