Lady gives boyfriend $300, condoms and pass to flirt for the weekend

Lady gives boyfriend $300, condoms and pass to flirt for the weekend

An over-joyed boyfriend took to social media to share a note he got from his girlfriend, which revealed that he has a free pass to flirt for the weekend.

The flirt note came with $300 and condoms from his girlfriend, who stated that she knows her man has worked so hard and deserves to live his best life. Here is the photo below;

Well few months ago, multiple online reports alleged that a woman was seriously left injured after being allegedly attacked by her jealous boyfriend. Her alleged attacker said to be her boyfriend, descended on and butchered his girlfriend after she was seen flirting with another guy.

The jealous boyfriend was reportedly arrested by the police and will be charged to court as soon as investigation is complete.

There was also a report of a girlfriend who exploded at her rogue boyfriend, after he told another girl she was his sister and that he’d been single for two years before giving her a sexy massage. Patrick was duped into thinking he was being interviewed to take part in a game show, but actually he was set up as part of a To Catch a Cheater stunt.

His other half watched on as he shamelessly flirted with the hostess, Veronica, between takes, rubbing her legs as she was “cold”. He then boldly asked her for her Instagram and promised to like her pictures. She played along, encouraging him to touch her thighs and show her his tattoos, while his girlfriend appeared to look outraged from behind the scenes.

When Sam – the man behind the stunt – tried to appease her by pointing out Veronica was told to flirt with Patrick, she snapped: “It doesn’t mean he has to fall for it. He’s such a “f*****g moron”.

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