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Lady exposes medical doctor husband after he sexually abused women



Nigeria News

And sadly, because of the fear I had for how I would be viewed by the Arab community, I felt that divorce wasn’t an option. Amongst Arabs, divorce often looks worse upon the woman.

He could easily deny the abuse and even if he didn’t, domestic violence is something so many people ignore and brush over. My reputation would be that I was a difficult wife and I would be labeled “unmarryable”.

But everyone would ignore the fact that he is an abusive, narcissistic sociopath with no concern over the people he hurts. So I stayed with him regardless of the numerous red flags that were to come.

He was a resident physician at Rush Copley Medical Center in Aurora, IL. He came home from work one day sat me down &told me he had bad news.

The story that he painted to me was that there was a secretary at his job who was “obsessed” with him & is now claiming that he sexually harassed her. He denied everything and of course I believed every word he said. His position in the hospital gave him a God complex like no other.

He spoke of this woman in such a degrading way as if to say how could a resident physician like him ever want to be with a secretary. Nevertheless, the hospital conducted an investigation, declared him guilty, and terminated him

However, the woman didn’t press charges and the hospital didn’t record the reason for his termination as sexual harassment, so he got away with it. Although I stood by him and believed everything he said at the time, I later discovered that it was all true

After being fired from his residency, he started working odd jobs to make an income. Not only did he violate that woman, but a 16 year old girl came out saying he touched her inappropriately at a retail store he worked at

When I messaged her asking for details about what happened, she explained, and he beat me for messaging her. He said that if this girl goes to the police and anything happens to him it would be my fault because I messaged her

Months later, I encouraged her to press charges but she didn’t because she was afraid of him. So he got away with it…again.

He is now a resident physician at Good Samaritan Hospital in Cincinnati, OH. This hospital knows nothing of his past at Rush Copley. They know nothing of his past of violating women. He is now manipulating and violating women at this hospital

I found messages between him and another employee saying that he and I are separated (we were very much married) in order to build a relationship with her and ultimately get her to sleep with him. He succeeded. The messages appeared that they were in a full on relationship

He told me he’s been trying to leave her but she’s too “obsessed”. SOUND FAMILIAR? He lied and manipulated her to get what he wanted and now he’s making her look like a home wrecker. But in reality, he uses and abuses women to his pleasure.


As a woman, I would be very upset finding out that a doctor that I am supposed to trust with my body has been violating women with no consequences.

He does not have a code of ethics or morals and I don’t believe he should be put in a position of power where he can easily violate more woman.

I am now 22 years old, going through a divorce, and even uglier sides of this man are coming out. In order to maintain a good reputation in the Arab community, he’s trying to blackmail me in order to keep me quiet about all of the violence and sexual harassment.

A year ago when my sister was 18 years old, she trusted him to take her phone to get it fixed and this required her to remove her passcode. We now found out that he went through her phone, found a naked picture of her, and he sent it to himself.

HE HAS HAD A NAKED PICTURE OF MY LITTLE SISTER IN HIS PHONE FOR A YEAR. I knew he was low but never thought he could go this low.

The way I discovered this was he sent the photo to my mother saying that if we tell anyone about the physical abuse, cheating, and sexual harassment, that he would leak the photo along with our private marital videos. He is trying to use our bodies against us for leverage.

I’ve learned many valuable lessons in this horrific experience that I have to refer to as my marriage, sharing this has been hard but I hope that someday this post can reach someone who needs to hear this to give them the strength to speak up. Men get away with too much.

Women are allowed to have a voice. Women never deserve physical abuse. Women cannot be taken advantage of. Women cannot be blackmailed into staying quiet. Women will not be oppressed. WOMEN ARE IMPORTANT. Please share to spread awareness!


I just got off the phone with another girl he lied to in order to get what he wanted. He told her our divorce has been finalized for a year and that he’s ready to start dating again. They went to coffee and he made her trust him enough to bring him to her house.

[[ANOTHER UPDATE!!!]] Yet another women popped up with stories about how my husband sexually harassed her and destroyed a portion of her life. AND SHE SENT ME A NUDE HE SENT HER!!! Check my page I shared her post