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Lady competes with sister to have sex with their dad

A 21-year-old lady, Samantha H. Kershner competed with her half-sister regarding who will have sex with their 39-year-old father.

Samantha H. Kershner and her father, Travis E. Fieldgrove were arrested on the 29th of January for incest, according to Grand Island Police Department.

GIPD said the case relates to the two being involved in an intimate relationship beginning in September, 2018, in Grand Island, Nebraska, U.S

Court records indicate that the two married at the Adams County courthouse in Hastings. Both Fieldgrove and Kershner are charged with felony incest.

Kershner allegedly told officials that she wanted to have sex with Fieldgrove because she was in a “jealous competition with her half-sister regarding who could have sex with their father.”

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