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Lady Colin Campbell calls Meghan Markle a ‘narcissist’ for ‘cutting off’ her father



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69-year-old Royal biographer and I’m A Celeb star, Lady Colin Campbell who appeared on Good Morning Britain with Princess Diana’s former butler Paul Burrell, 60, to discuss the royal baby news, called Meghan Markle a narcissist and further slammed her for “cutting off” members of her family.

Lady Colin Campbell calls Meghan Markle a 'narcissist' for 'cutting off' her father lailasnews


Lady Colin Campbell who disclosed that she no longer thinks highly of Meghan Markle like before, said;

I think less of Meghan now than I did initially. I think the way she treated her family is appalling.

I hope for her sake and the sake of the monarchy that she begins to embrace them a little more.

Piers Morgan who was the show’s host, also added that he was also cut off by Meghan Markle.

For a year and a half I got on really well with her then suddenly she cut me off.

There does seem to be a trait with Meghan, if someone is a problem potentially for some kind of aspirational thing, they get cut.

Princess Diana’s former butler, Paul Burrell who was asked what he thought of the “first ever black royal baby”, said;

It would be a wonderful thing. I think it would unite the country.

British people are all colours.

However Lady Colin Campbell accused Piers and Burrell of racism, saying:

I’m sorry but having been brought up in Jamaica, which is a multi-racial society, the baby is not going to be black. It’s going to have black blood, but it’s also going to have white blood.

You can’t be seven eighths white and be called black.

I think that’s racism of the highest order. Its rather like Hitler’s definition of a Jew. If you’re an eighth Jewish you’re completely Jewish and therefore into the ovens.

If you’re partly black you’re partly black. You’re not fully black.