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Lady allegedly develops kidney failure after bleaching excessively



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A man has taken to twitter to narrate on how a lady allegedly developed kidney failure after bleaching her skin excessively.

Lady allegedly develops kidney failure after bleaching excessively lailasnews
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What actually started as a change in her body structure and what friends perceived as a sign of good living, eventually turned out to be a symptom of kidney failure after the lady consulted her doctor.

Read the narration below:

Itunu, a fair pretty lady working as a banker and earning pretty well started developing some ‘minor’ symptoms. Anyways her friends told her it was nothing so she got on with her life. 4 months later and Itunu was bloated but her friends thought, Ah you de chop money o

Itunu knew there was something else wrong though, she had developed this uncontrollable itching, she also had a constant feeling as if she wanted to vomit. She quickly went to the hospital and after running some tests, the Doctor gave her the bad news… ‘You have Kidney failure

‘It’s a lie!’ , she barked, at my age? I’m just 28..In fact I’m going to another hospital. She went to another hospital and the same thing… She needed dialysis which was costing her over 100k/week…Friends have started running, family is tired.

A depressed Itunu had to ask, but Doctor, I’ve been doing regular check ups… My bp is okay, I’m not diabetic, I’m HIV free, what’s my offence? Why did God punish me with this affliction? Doctor : Remember that bleaching cream you’ve been using since?..

The cream that turned you from a black beauty to a fair….well, nvm… It was killing your kidneys too.

Stop Using Bleaching Creams, you’ll put yourself at risk for Kidney failure and skin cancer and trust me, none of these is funny. Always check the content of your cream, if you see a compound called ‘hydroquinone’ Japaaaa

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