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Kindergarten teacher on trial for child abuse, pornography



Nigeria News

A 31-year-old former kindergarten teacher on trial for child abuse and pornography in Germany, is likely to be sentenced to 15 years behind bars.

The unnamed name was accused of more than a dozen incidents of sexual assault between 2012 and 2018 and creating child pornography by filming his crimes.

The man, who led a kindergarten in the south-western city of Heilbronn, is accused of at least 19 cases of assault against a child who was six years old when the abuse started.

Kindergarten teacher on trial for child abuse, pornography

Most cases allegedly took place in his home.

Defence lawyer Thomas Amann said in advance of the trial that his client who could be handed a 15-year prison sentence for the crimes would confess and was willing to seek therapy.

“My client is already admitted to the crimes and so much willing to go for therapy, but it is quite unfortunate that he will be sentenced for the crime committed. Although the team is doing so much to get leniency from the judge”

The defendant was detained in March.

It took more than a year after he was caught distributing child pornography for the Protestant church, his employer to fire him.

Police are investigating the reasons for this.

A spokesman for the church said that none of the other children at the kindergarten were assaulted.