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Kim Kardashian begs YouTube to help stop evil game



As the Momo Challenge continues to gain more traction across the world, Kim Kardashian has begged YouTube to help curb the spread of the evil game.

Kim is begging YouTube to help remove all Momo Challenge videos.

Momo Challenge Kim Kardashian begs YouTube to help stop evil game

If you haven’t heard about it, the videos contain a creepy figure popping up, instructing kids to kill themselves and intimidating them to keep the video secret from parents.

Kim posted a plea for YouTube to get on the stick and shut it down, but the video platform tells us they’ve seen no evidence the ‘Momo’ clips actually exist.

Kim reposted a bunch of messages from concerned parents who’ve heard about the “Momo”

YouTube tells us it hasn’t received any evidence of videos showing or promoting the “Momo Challenge” on its platform.

If it does exits, YouTube says it would be a clear violation of its policies and would, therefore, be removed immediately.