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My kids must only study these courses in the University



Nigeria News

A Nigerian lady has taken to a popular Nigerian forum to list the courses in the University that her kids will have to study, otherwise they will be the ones paying their school fees themselves.

My kids must only study these courses in the University - Nigerian lady lailasnews 3

While making her points understood, she mentioned that there are only four courses that her kids will be allowed to study and this is simply because they are the most honorable courses in the University in this present dispensation and all other courses are just a waste of time.

Read her post below

I just saw my neighbor’s jamb form and the foolish boy filled in for human kinetics. I felt like knocking him there

hell if it’s my child,
listen to me where ever you are.

you must study either and only either
1. Medicine, other related fields like Med lab, pharmacy, dentistry. don’t even try anatomy biochemistry and the likes, nonesense.

2. law, that’s if he is art students. the day he decides to be a art student, he signed in for law and nothing else.

3. computer science

4. engineering,

courses you must not study
1. anatomy physiology phe religious studies 2. physical sciences like mathematics physics chemistry. why not just apply engineering than do this rubbish.
3. education , I will just kill
im walahi
4. agric soil science especially fisheries
animal science
5. music
, dance
6. languages.
7. English
8. psychology
9.political sciences
10 adult education guidance and counselling

try it and pay your fees yourself sigh