Kenyan man cuts off his joystick after getting drunk

Kenyan man cuts off his joystick after getting drunk

A 25-year old Kenyan man has cut of his joystick after he got himself drunk to stupor. The man identified as Sam Maina screened at the top of his voice after realizing the horrible thing he had done to himself.

When his neighbors showed up on hearing his scream, they quickly rushed him to a hospital. However, his joystick could not be restored immediately because the neighbors left it in his house.

The police confirmed the case stating that Sam Maina had been drinking and wasn’t aware of what he was doing to himself. They narrated how he was found.

“At around 12.50am Antony Kago Kanuthi was in his rental house near Momomiat village. He heard a loud scream from his neighbour Samuel Maina. When he rushed to his house he found he had cut his private part.”

Sam is currently receiving treatment for his wounds at the hospital he was taken to.


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