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Kate Henshaw reacts to report of commissioner who impregnated mistress’ daughter



Nigeria News

Kate Henshaw has reacted to the viral report of a Cross River State Commissioner, who impregnated his mistress’ daughter after repeatedly defiling her.

Kate Henshaw reacts to report of commissioner who impregnated mistress' daughter lailasnews


We reported that the girl got pregnant twice and was forced to abort two pregnancies for the Cross River State Commissioner identified as Mr. Asim, who reportedly had the consent of her mother. However the third abortion went awry as the girl’s uterus was damaged in the process.

Kate Henshaw who reacted to the report of the commissioner who impregnated mistress’ daughter via Twitter, wrote;

Everyone calls on God after they have done evil because he does not strike immediately….but trust that if you have your evil and wicked way with an underaged girl, one old enough to be your daughter, you will surely get your comeuppance

The saddest and most reprehensible betrayal comes from the mother who gives her daughter out to her supposed “boyfriend “, to have sex with for the past 3 years… Now several abortions later, her womb has been perforated by the quack doctor used!!

It’s about time the parent who facilitates the sexual abuse of his or her own child, faces the same sentence, if not more, than the perpetrator!!

You CANNOT be with a woman your age, or it was not enough you had the mother, you needed to add the daughter to your harem…