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KASALA the Movie – Everyday Reflection, Struggles in the Slum



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Refreshingly different from your usual slapsticks comedy, Kasala takes a dive into the world many have been afraid to test. With several Nollywood filmmakers going for regular and prominent faces in the Industry, Kasala shines the spotlight on young 4 boys who will be gracing the cinemas for the first time.

Kasla follows the life of four young men who try to find a solution to a problem within 5 hours by exploring every avenue known to them. Tunji, a fast talking teenager borrows his no-nonsense Uncle’s vehicle and gets his friends, Chikodi, Effiong & Abraham to join him on a Joyride around the neighbourhood. Things however go wrong when they crash the vehicle.

 The movie uses the comedy genre to reflect the lives of these four young men in a light-hearted narrative. Rather than showing the ills of the slums, values such as friendship, tenacity and courage are focused on. As such, seeing these values in the lives of four struggling teenagers leaves a lasting impression on the viewer.


A genuine story that anyone can relate to, Kasala is a delight to watch. Laced with natural and relatable jokes, energy that matches their passion, a story that one will find delightful, acting that is not over the top but genuine enough to enjoy, Kasala is a challenge posed at Nollywood and filmmakers at a whole.

Directed, Shot and Edited by Ema Edosoo and distributed by Blue Pictures, Kasala stars known Nollywood actors like Jide Kosoko, Gabriel Afolayan, Sambasa Nzeribe and fast rising actors like Tomiwa Tegbe, Chimezie Imo, Mike Afolarin, Nwagbaraocha Emeka, Kolade Shasi and more, Kasla is set to hit cinemas nationwide December 7th, 2018.

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