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Justin Bieber reveals why he and Hailey Baldwin were spotted crying



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Justin Bieber has revealed why he and Hailey Baldwin were spotted crying.

The popular singer said, he and Hailey Baldwin broke down in tears on Tuesday because they have ‘good day and bad days’ like any couple.

Justin Bieber reveals why he and Hailey Baldwin were spotted crying lailasnews

Caught by paps as he left Hailey’s apartment, Justin was asked about the emotional moment between the engaged couple and in response he simply showed a cover of a book called The Meaning Of Marriage by Timothy Keller.

When asked by TMZ why they were in tears, he said;

‘This, you got good day and bad days, it’s not real if you don’t have bad days,’

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin have been busy going around New York City drinking coffee, making out, and flaunting Hailey’s engagement ring, but it looked like things have turned sour because the couple cried while out for a bike ride in the city.

They were spotted riding CitiBikes in the middle of a hot summer day, and something must’ve happened because they had to stop biking in order to cry for a bit. At first, it was Justin who was upset, but when they stopped into a local coffee shop, Justin comforted Hailey as she cried.

During the outing, the 24-year-old Canadian pop singer appeared to be weeping, while his 21-year-old model girlfriend comforted him.

At one point, the couple then sat down on a low stone wall to talk about the issue, before Justin suppressed his emotions as his fiancee wrapped a comforting arm around him.