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Juliet Ibrahim shoots her shot with Jimseuh of Kupe Boys

Actress Juliet Ibrahim shoots her shot with Jimseuh of The Kupe Boys Dance Group.

A little check on their Instagram activities indicate that the actress has been active on Jimseuh’s page and giving suggestive comments on almost all his posts.

Juliet Ibrahim shoots her shot with JimSeuh of Kupe Boys

In a new update, JimSeuh posted a photo of himself revealing all his muscles and bare chest with the caption,

“What do you think of this post? let me know”.

Juliet Ibrahim then commented in French:

“Tuez-moi-déja” ─translating in English, “Kill me already”

She then added some love emoji.

The actress recently had a seemingly bitter split from celebrity boyfriend and rapper Iceberg Slim.

When news broke out that the duo had finally broken up, the rapper looked like he moved on immediately, but it became quite a bitter pill for the actress to swallow as she went on a ranting spree on her Instagram page, talking about how Men are Scums

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