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Joselyn Dumas denies saying she once dated John Dumelo



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Joselyn Dumas, has debunked reports alleging that she admitted dating her colleague John Dumelo for two years before their relationship packed up.

Joselyn Dumas denies saying she once dated John Dumelo lailasnews

Few days ago, there was a viral report that the Ghanaian actress who sat for an interview with Abeiku Santana on his ‘ATUU’ show, confirmed past rumors that she was involved in a romantic relationship with the actor.

Joselyn Dumas who released a statement countering the claims, stated that the interview was doctored to say what the interviewers wanted the public to know. The curvy actress said she never dated John, but only grew fond of him after they featured in about 3 movies back to back. The close relationship made them become very good friends.

“I never dated John Dumelo. I didn’t have a crush on John Dumelo. However, I got fond of him. He became my very good friend. We were friends, he liked me and I also liked him and that was it,” she said in response to Abeiku’s question if she ever dated John.

When the ace broadcaster further probed and inquired if she is bothered because her very good friend (Dumelo) recently tied the knot whiles she is still a bachelorette, Joselyn swiftly replied; “Oh no! There is nothing wrong with that because he was just a friend

She further stated the false report, is why she and some of her colleagues don’t grant interviews anymore because of the fear of being misrepresented falsely. Read what she wrote below;

Joselyn Dumas denies saying she once dated John Dumelo lailasnews 1

Here is the video below;

This is not the first time the actress has denied dating the actor. She had stated in an interview on Peace FM in 2014 that she could not date John Dumelo, citing that both of them were in showbiz. According to her then, the relationship between them was purely professional.

“I don’t understand what you mean by asking if John Dumelo is my ideal man. But what I can say is that he is a very creative actor, ambitious and a gentleman. I don’t know what you mean by that but I have made it my policy not to date an industry person; and John and I find ourselves in the same showbiz industry,” she said.