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I’ve never hidden my love for Otedola’s daughter, Temi –Mr. Eazi



Nigerian-Ghanaian singer Oluwatosin Oluwole Ajibade, aka Mr. Eazi, and Femi Otedola’s daughter, Temi, could be considered as two love birds that seem inseparable, despite their seemingly differences.

While sspeaking with Sunday Scoop, Mr. Eazi wasn’t ashamed to declare his love publicly for the billionaire’s daughter.

Reacting to a question on the true status of his relationship with Temi, he stated:

“I don’t think there is anything hidden about it. Temi is my one and only girlfriend.”

Given a chance to choose, he said he would love to spend more time in Nigeria with his family and loved ones. But, according to him, it is impossible, as he has fans all around the world.

Mr. Eazi said:

“I am faced with a blessing and curse. The fact that I make music that people all over the world listen to is a blessing. But the implication is that once people around the world listen to your music, it means you don’t have one constituency any longer.

At present, I try to relate to my Nigerian, African and Diaspora fans and then to my new fans that are non-Africans. Also, people shouldn’t forget that I am just one man; so, I cannot be in many places at the same time. But I make sure that once I have an opportunity, I come to Nigeria to do one thing or the other. Trust me, it is not my joy that I cannot be in Nigeria where my family lives.”

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