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It is not a crime



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Porn star Kiki Vidis  has hit back at an Australian town that is trying to stamp out porn, saying that women are simply jealous that their boyfriends watch it.

Kiki Vidis, who has 11 years experience in the adult film industry both in Australia and in the US, is visiting the town of Toowoomba, in south-east Queensland, just weeks after the community held its third annual anti-porn rally.

It is not a crime - Porn star Kiki Vidis slams town's plan to ban porn lailasnews 4
It is not a crime – Porn star Kiki Vidis slams town’s plan to ban porn

‘I get 90 per cent fan mail and 10 per cent hate mail, and the hate mail usually comes from the wives or girlfriends of men,’ Ms Vidis told The Chronicle.

Ms Vidis believes woman view porn negatively due to relationship insecurities and says she thinks ‘it’s jealousy from women and they need to learn about forgiveness’.

Toowoomba held its third annual anti-porn rally on October 16 during which men from all over the city pledged not to watch pornography.

Speaking to Daily Mail Australia, Letitia Shelton from the city’s anti-porn campaign City Women, said that there is an ‘avalanche’ of information proving the dangers pornography poses to communities.

In particular the group is focusing on the younger generation who Ms Shelton said are ‘at greater risk’.

‘We’re working with school principals, talking to them about how we can bring better education into schools locally, and also how we can help parents,’ she said.

Ms Vidis, who will be visiting the town to headline an event at The Vault nightclub, countered her point saying that it is up to the households to protect their children.

‘Porn isn’t a crime… My parents put the restrictions on the computer in the family room when I was growing up. If you choose to put a computer in a child’s room and no filters on, you are bringing it upon yourselves,’ Ms Vidis said.

Ms Vidis began her career as a nurse in 2007 before making the move into the adult film industry – scoring a television contract with Playboy.

She has now stepped back from filming and focuses on live shows after she said the industry, which many thought was recession proof, collapsed during the Global Financial Crises.