Iraqi teenager gruesomely murdered because of his feminine looks

Iraqi teenager gruesomely murdered because of his feminine looks

An Iraqi teenager identified as Ahmad Majed Mutairi, was gruesomely murder over his feminine looks by a homophobic man spotted in a viral video taunting him with homosexual slurs.

The 14-year-old boy bled profusely from multiple stab wounds to his abdomen, as he laid on the ground in the Yarmouk neighborhood, while his attacker questions his sexuality. The Iraqi teenager was seen in the video, looking down his body and asking where the blood was coming from.

The man who murdered the teenager over his feminine looks, was then heard saying;

“Your guts outside your body.”

The killer also asked “What is your name? Where is your house?” While Hamoudi was crying, answered him back “Ahmad, three blocks away”.

Mutari who was known as the ”King of Instagram” routinely posted photos and videos that challenged gender stereotypes, wearing his hair long and using various filters, then asked to be taken to the hospital and to see his mother.

“I want to see my mother.”

The murder of Mutari led to an outcry on different social media platforms, as social media users asked the government to do more to address the apparent upsurge in attacks targeting people who are perceived as being different.

Few months ago, a prominent model and social media influencer, was gunned down in Baghdad on September 27. On October 7, Interior Minister Qasim al-Araji said that preliminary investigations into her killing suggested that members of an extremist group are behind the assassination. Two days before that, human rights activist Suad al-Ali was slain in Basra in broad daylight as she left a restaurant.

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