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Important Notice regarding lady in the picture



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Please note that the lady whose picture appears in the viral Dubai Porta Potty: How ladies travel out to eat poo of Arab men story is NOT the Dubai lady who carried out the act.

Dubai porta potty: How ladies travel out to eat poo of Arab men

Here is a disclaimer note from her:

Greetings everyone,

A week ago, I shared a post culled from about the confessions of someone else regarding the dangers of prostitution and the ordeals girls who prostitute themselves in Dubai face.

Earlier today, a blog posted my original Facebook post and used a screenshot including my name on their website and social media platforms.

It appears as if many people now erroneously think I am the Dubai girl involved.

I’m posting this to let you all know that I am not, and the bloggers sharing my original post should have clarified this.

I am a responsible wife and mother who enjoys a thriving relationship with my darling husband and children. I have also dedicated my life to helping the less privileged, and especially children by conducting a monthly community outreach program.

While I do not condemn those who are into prostitution (we’re adults and all have our choices and I respect that), I want to categorically make it clear that that is not how I earn my own living.

I urge the bloggers who, apparently unwittingly, mislead the public about the original post to share too and let the world know the truth.

Stay true.