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Ifu Ennada says menstrual cramps made her miss Alex Ekubo’s wives association hangout, trolls react

Ifu Ennada who revealed that menstrual cramps made her miss Alex Ekubo’s wives association hangout, incurred the wrath of trolls who slammed her over the disclosure.

The actor who shared a video from Alex Ekubo’s wives association hangout at the beach, had Ifu Ennada regretting not turning up and disclosing it was all because of her menstrual cramps. The reality show star wrote on the post;

See what I’m missing. Menstrual cramps is a bastard

This is however not the first time Ifu Ennada will be called over a menstrual cramp comment. Few months ago, she was lashed out at for taking to social media to complain about menstrual pains. This was in an Instagram post where she cried out over the pains she was going through.

Not enjoying the post, a social media troll took to the comments section to shut her up. The follower advised that she keeps the whole thing to herself. The reality show star who also wasted no time in answering the troll, stated that she won’t be saying what was on her mind because she had given her life to Christ. She further disclosed that there is nothing wrong in talking about menstrual pain publicly, or seeking help.

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