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I want a rich and handsome man for marriage



Nigeria News

Model cum actress, Damilola Aina, has said she wants a rich and handsome man for marriage.

The beautiful and talented Damilola Aina has hinted that she is single and okay with it at the moment. However, when it comes to marriage, she says she would always go for a handsome and financially capable man to compliment her.

I want a rich and handsome man for marriage – Actress Damilola Aina lailasnews

According to Damilo Aina, when it comes to marriage she would always go for a handsome man to compliment her. The man also has to be financially well balanced. She said;

“I want a man who understands who I’m. He must be physically very ok. In fact, he has to be handsome, good looking, fine, sweet guy. He must be intellectually sound. He must have something up there.

He has to be financially capable too. He can’t be poor oh, so even if I have my own money, when the children start coming, he must spend money.”

Damilola also beckoned on her colleagues to be careful of the kind of private information they put out on social media. She added;

“Honestly, some things are meant to be known to you and family alone and not for the world via social media. In a

way, it is drastically contributing to the crash of marriages and relationships.

Let private things remain private. You can post fashion, style, and the likes, but relationship matters should be off the public eyes.”