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I thought he loved me



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A British woman who spent her life savings on toyboy is regretting she married him after discovering, after his death, that the man did not love her.

60-year-old Diane De Zoysa who was left stranded in Sri Lanka reportedly spent her entire £90,000 life savings on her husband Priyanjana De Zoysa, 26, before he was murdered by friends in 2017.

I thought he loved me - Woman, 60, who spent life savings on toyboy lailasnews 5
I thought he loved me – Woman, 60, who spent life savings on toyboy

She finally returned to Britain on Tuesday night after a 20-hour journey and admitted that he ‘obviously didn’t love her’.

According Mail Online, she sold her home in Musselburgh, East Lothian, two years ago, using the cash to build a house in Sri Lanka and buy her husband a minibus in Ahungalla, south of the capital Colombo.

Sadly for Daine, Priyanjana was killed by gangsters in 2017, leaving her stranded in the country.

Speaking about her husband’s death, Diane said that she was left stranded, with Priyanjana’s family keeping her ‘under house arrest’, refusing to let her sell her house and demanding cash from her pension.

She told the Daily Record:

‘I just couldn’t stay there any longer. I kind of feel stupid now that I didn’t listen to my family and my friends because they said it was just about the money.

‘I thought he did really love me but obviously, he didn’t.

‘My husband’s family virtually had me under house arrest for two years. I couldn’t go anywhere – not even to the beach.’

According to the report, Diane paid £57,000 for the house, which was built close to her husband’s family home and a further £31,000 for a minibus for him to drive.

She said she managed to get away from her husband’s family and stay with some friends, and added that she invested all she had into the move and still owes £4000 on her credit card.

Diane who met Priyanjana, a hotel worker while on holiday in 2011 married him after she returned to Sri Lanka seven months later. She later moved back to the country full-time in 2015.

Speaking to MailOnline,  she described how she believes that the marriage was all about the money.

She said:

‘I should have realised it was just about the money. My friends thought that he was just marrying me for the money.

‘Once I came out here he wanted money all the time.’

Diane also admitted that her family and friends warned her about the relationship.

She said:

‘All my friends didn’t think it was a good idea. But I really loved him and I thought he really loved me and I wanted to prove them wrong.

‘I’ve never loved anybody the way I loved him. He was always affectionate to me. He was desperate for me to move out here.’

The 60 year old also revealed that her husband who died after being shot three times in May last year was killed by his friends trying to extort him for cash.

‘His friend told me they were jealous because he was rich. They were jealous because he had a nice a house, a minibus and a tuk-tuk.

‘They blackmailed him. He did give them some money but they wanted more. Because he didn’t give them more, they shot him. They must have gone looking for him.’