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I learnt a lot of lessons from my murder allegation saga – Original Stereoman



Nigeria News

Nigerian singer, Original Stereoman who was seen behind the iron bars of a police cell, after he was accused of killing his girlfriend of about six years, who had a child for him, has recounted hard lessons he learnt from the murder allegation saga.

I learnt a lot of lessons from my murder allegation saga – Original Stereoman lailasnews

Original Stereoman who was discharged and acquitted after the case was taken to court, in a new chat with Saturday Beats, said he had no regrets going through the situation because it was predestined by God.

“Life is full of ups and downs. If I was told years back that I would face the kind of encounter that I faced, I would not believe it. That just shows that I do not know tomorrow and all praises go to God. I believe it was a way for me to learn because when everything is rosy, you have to check yourself.

“I would say that it has been predestined that I would face something like that. The most important thing is to get out of these situations with your head high up. As long as I am alive and I have my legs, hands and voice, I have the power to do bigger things and that is why I am not regretting what happened. I believe it is not what slowed my career down.

“I learnt a lot of things about life from that experience. I would release a song that would talk about what happened.  The relationship lasted for six years. The matter went to court and I was discharged and acquitted. I have tried my best to clear the air but rumours are still being peddled by some people and I don’t care. If you are not known, nobody will talk about you” he said.

He also debunked claims of being in a group as believed by some members of the public.

“I do not have a partner in the business; I am the Original Stereoman and I am the only one in the business. People you see in my video are the people that work for me; some are my dancers and some are those I want to promote because of their talents. I am not in a group. I sang the hit song, ‘Sample Ekwe,’ but the song was such a big hit that it became more popular than my stage name. I am a one-man band,” he said.