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I drove naked in my car to pick Ronaldo from his hotel



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A model who goes by the name Jasmine has claimed she once had a fling with star footballer Cristiano Ronaldo and drove naked to pick him up for fun at her LA home.

Cristiano Ronaldo was recently accused by an American woman who alleged she was raped by the Portuguese soccer star in 2009.

I drove naked in my car to pick Ronaldo from his hotel - Model claims lailasnews 4
I drove naked in my car to pick Ronaldo from his hotel – Model claims

The lady identified as Mayorga claimed the star footballer forcefully had anal sex with her.

But here is a report on another model who claimed she once drove naked in her car to pick up Ronaldo at his hotel after the duo initially met at a club.

Jasmine, 33, met Ronaldo in Las Vegas celebrity hotspot Villa Lounge in July 2008.

The footballer – who is  now in a relationship with Spanish beauty Georgina Rodriguez – and Jasmine slept together, with the model revealing all in a no-holds-barred kiss and tell in the Daily Mirror after things turned sour.


She says his entourage are used as wingmen who approach women on his behalf.

Jasmine was approached by one member of the group known as “Rogerio”, who is Ronaldo’s “main man”.

She says he asked her where she was going after the club closed, and if the men could all come and have a “sexy time” with her. Jasmine politely declined and said she’d only give Ronaldo her number if he came and asked for it himself.

Eventually, he did, and the model joined what she describes as a “white limousine party bus full of giggling girls”, travelling to the swanky Beverly Hills hotel with them to continue the night.

At the time, the footy ace had only just split with his Spanish model girlfriend of six months, Nereida Gallardo, however Jasmine says he was anything but heartbroken.

Although she didn’t sleep with him that night, Jasmine says Ronaldo was “determined to enjoy all that Los Angeles had to offer”.

After their initial meeting, Jasmine says the £50million a year forward “furiously” text messaged her over a two-day period before she caved and agreed to a date. Refusing to sleep with him at his hotel, she offered to pick him up from there and take him to her place.

The model admits Ronaldo had “no idea” what he had let himself in for when she turned up to collect him stark naked in her Lamborghini.

However, he was running late due to his physiotherapy appointment, meaning Jasmine had to spend 20 minutes parked in a bush in the hotel driveway. Eventually, Ronaldo came out and the pair headed back to her house.

Far from being attracted to him, Jasmine said sex with Ronaldo was a “game” for her, admitting that she treated him as a “toy”.

“I’d love to tell you we sat and made intelligent conversation about politics or something – but we didn’t,” she says. “I wasn’t ­interested in wooing him or winning his heart. His shorts were short, his top was tight and the pink colour of both was… just not for me.”

But to those who may question why the model slept with him despite not fancying him, she admits she enjoyed the fact he pursued her. “It was some sort of power trip, I suppose,” she says.

However, she said their love-making was over pretty quickly and that she rebuffed his suggestion of dinner, opting to take him back to his hotel instead.

Jasmine says Cristiano Ronaldo repeatedly tried to contact her for the remainder of his holiday in LA.

Meanwhile, she adds he was also bedding several more women, including socialite Paris Hilton.

Jasmine said that Cristiano Ronaldo viewed dating as a “hobby” and that his appetite for women is insatiable.

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