I don’t miss the pressure that comes with playing football

I don’t miss the pressure that comes with playing football

Former Chelsea captain, John Terry has stated that he doesn’t miss the tension that comes with playing football. The former England international retired last season after playing for Aston Villa.

John Terry played over750 club games in his career and won five Premier League titles and a Champions League trophy with Chelsea.

When asked if he missed playing football, John Terry told Sky Sports:

“Do you know what? I haven’t. Missing the Monday to Friday, I get that, but the pressures of games…

“It’s funny because you watch games like the League Cup final, you want to still be playing, but the pressures that surround it, and the pressures I put myself under later on in my career, I probably didn’t enjoy, and that’s why I’m enjoying retirement.”

He continued by stating how busy he is with a coaching role at Aston Villa working alongside Dean Smith.

“A big change is after the game, where nine times out of 10 you have a Sunday off as a player, and you say, ‘That’s my time to switch off’, nowadays that’s the time where I’m watching the previous game, looking at the next opponents, doing clips for individuals,” he said.

“That side of it is huge for me, the depth and detail that goes into the meeting on a Monday or Tuesday morning.

“You’re thinking about the whole group. There may be one or two players that need speaking to on a Sunday, someone who was injured and making sure he’s OK, there are so many sides to it.”


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