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I don’t expect to see or hear from her again



Nigeria News

Meghan Markle’s dad, Thomas who revealed he had not spoken to his daughter in months and said he wanted his old life back, has admitted he may never see his daughter again after a series of explosive interviews since the royal wedding.

I don’t expect to see or hear from her again - Meghan Markle’s dad lailasnews

Meghan Markle’s dad said he wanted to go holiday and leave the furore with the royal family behind, stating that he did not expect to ‘see her or hear back from her’ which according to him is okay. He The Sun;


‘I want to say good luck and God bless to my daughter. I don’t expect to see her or hear back from her — and that’s OK.

‘All I was doing was saying things I wanted to say. I just want to re-establish the relationship with my daughter.’

According to the 74-year-old lighting director, he has not spoken to his daughter since the wedding and that he feels he had been ‘cut off’ as a punishment for staging the fake paparazzi pictures. Thomas further said that while his daughter looked ‘terrified’ in her new role and that she wore a ‘pained smile’, he was concerned his daughter may have read false reports that he faked his heart attack.

This came after Thomas Markle revealed he slammed the phone down on Prince Harry, after his son-in-law launched into a tirade against him for staging paparazzi photos in the run-up to May’s Royal wedding. At the time, Meghan Markle’s dad was recovering in hospital from a heart attack, and was still reeling after his daughter told him he wouldn’t be able to make a speech at her wedding.

Now Royal aides are saying the crisis is threatening to destroy the entire monarchy. One aide told the Mail Online it was “probably too late” to get Thomas back on side unless Meghan turned up “on her father’s doorstep — and even that might not work now.”