I am not a feminist, women are not kings

I am not a feminist, women are not kings

Actress Annie Idibia has said she is not a feminist and doesn’t believe women are kings while weighing in on the gender equality debate.

The beautiful mother of two has caused quite a buzz on social media after she revealed in an interview that she is not a feminist. She said;

“Nah, not really. I believe in women power. I believe men are still kings and women are queen,” said the actress, adding, “personally, I’m sorry I’m not trying to [insult?] anybody here but I don’t believe a woman is a king. I believe she is a queen.”

When asked what her definition of feminism is, she defined it as ‘rescuing oneself’.

The video has riled the internet, with many critics noting that the actress obviously has no idea what feminism is about.

Watch video below;

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