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Happy Eid el-Kabir celebration to all our Muslim readers



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It is another celebration of the Eid el-Kabir festival, which is highly regarded among Muslim faithful the world over. Everyone at wishes all our esteemed reader a Happy Eid el-Kabir celebration.

Happy Eid el-Kabir celebration to all our Muslim readers lailasnews

As we all know the feast is marked with prayers, charity, love and forgiveness as well as the slaughter of rams in commemoration of Prophet Ibrahim’s willingness to sacrifice his son, Ishmael, on Mount Moriah before Allah intervened and gave him a ram to sacrifice instead of his son.

This demonstrates the sanctity of human life and also shows that one should never sacrifice a human life.

As usual, Nigerian Muslim faithful will use the occasion to recite the Holy Koran, offer prayers to Allah and offer gifts to the needy, the less privileged and friends.

While some Nigerians travel to Mecca in Saudi Arabia to mark the feast, which is also called Sallah in Nigeria, others perform it in the country. We wish Nigerian pilgrims to the Holy Land a successful pilgrimage.

They should also pray for the country. The thanksgiving feast is also characterised by obedience, tolerance, perseverance and respect for human life. These are virtues all Muslim faithful should imbibe.

We congratulate Nigerian Muslim faithful on this momentous occasion and urge them to imbibe the lessons of the feast. Let us use the occasion to remember our oneness and the need to be our brother’s keeper.

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