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Gorillas have higher IQ than you



Nigeria News

Nollywood actress on Instagram influencer, Helen Paul has taken her time to lash out at a fan who disrespected her on her Instagram page.

The actress posted a collage of the follower’s photo with a previous conversation they had.

Gorillas have higher IQ than you - Helen Paul blasts fan lailasnews 4
Gorillas have higher IQ than you – Helen Paul blasts fan

The follower identified as @lafunmzy had berated the actress over her choice of makeup and advised her to stop using fake items and rather shop elsewhere.

The actress didn’t take that lightly and then went ballistic on the follower, whom she claimed had lower IQ than gorillas at Yankari Games Reserve. She further explained that the perceived low quality make-up was what the location set required and not applied on purpose, but the follower failed to realise that.

She posted the collage with the caption:

This is a classic example of someone who either does not have a mirror at home or has one that has gathered too much dust🤣🤣🤣🤣 They are frustrated and looking for how to get high.
Please let’s celebrate this troll.