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Gifty shares her experience with child birth, insists she is not a baby mama



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Reality TV star Gifty has just shared her experience with child birth and she also continued to insist that she is not a baby mama, but a proud wife to a man.

The actress had yesterday denied singer Mr 2kay as being the father of her daughter who celebrated her 1st birthday yesterday.

Gifty narrates her experience with child birth, insists she has a husband lailasnews 3
Gifty shares her experience with child birth, insists she is not a baby mama

Moments after Gifty made an Instagram post dedicated to her baby, Mr 2kay also did same with same baby, giving everyone the insinuation he was the father of the baby.

Although after her denial, he mentioned that a DNA will be the final resort.


On her experience with child birth, Gifty wrote:

Being a Mom was always a Dream for me. When I was pronounced 2Months pregnant, i didn’t know when I started dancing.

At exactly 5Months old, I stopped coming out (because my tummy was beginning to pop out) or have anything to do with the outside world, so for exact 4 Months, all I could do was to eat,sleep,wake up, watch cartoons, exercise a little bit(hahaha), at a point it became so frustrating, but the thought of me carrying an Angel in my tummy. Now That’s real Joy.

My 9 months came, I was scared (because I’ve never given birth before, so I didn’t know how it was like..), all I could think of was GOD ALMIGHTY save me, with my Faith I gave birth like a Hebrew woman, a successful delivery, just a minute push..

At exactly 10am, December 17th 2017, In less than a Minute with 2 push, my Angel came out with an amazing cry, There was no cutting under me nor a CS, my husband(dad) and I took the Forceps from the doctor and cut your Umbilical Cord together.

then the Doctor laid you on my bare skin, I was speechless, looking for the exact words to say to you till WE said the words together “WE LOVE YOU”. My pregnancy is one hell of a Story that will be told one day.

At 7+ months, you said your 1st word “Momma”. Oh! It felt like I was just announced the new President of America🤣🤣. At 8+ Months you said “Dada”, oh the joy in his eyes was so Golden😍.

Then, at 8months and some weeks, you said your 1st “bye bye”….
You are my Life Alisha 🙏💋

I give you all my blessings my Daughter 💋. Mommy loves you always.
I love you honey💋.