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Ghanaian beauty queen, Hamamat Montia shares video of herself bathing



Nigeria News
A former Ghanaian beauty queen, Hamamat Montia, has decided to tease her followers on Instagram with a video of herself having a wild party in the shower.
Ghanaian beauty queen, Hamamat Monia shares wild bathroom video lailasnews 3

Hamamat is captured in a happy mood in the bathroom dancing and swinging her body back and forth and up and down to the extent that she could be seen clearly but for the blurry view of the bathroom door.

Hamamat Montia recorded this video in a bid to advertise her black soap which she says is natural and medicinal.


She is a young entrepreneur who deal in beauty products including locally manufactured soap.

Another thing that caught our attention is Hamamat’s puppy.  This puppy came close to a red panty lying on the floor, smelled it, and took it and ran away with it.

Ghanaian beauty queen, Hamamat Monia shares wild bathroom video

The puppy’s action is quite interesting because in Ghana it is commonly believed that dogs are mostly attracted to smelly things, especially shoe and socks.

Interestingly, the video has also attracted the attention of Hamamat’s fans with some of them commenting about the dog and pant brouhaha.

Some fans’ reactions:

St.francis2101: “Yo why u let ur dog grab ur red pants demmmn girl it’s nasty .” st.francis2101: “Delete this post girl.”

walk_in_online: “Should I just pretend I didn’t see the dog smell those panties and then took it away? I think I would just do that.”

Watch the Video:

Hamamat was Miss Malaika 2016.