The Emir of Kano, Alhaji Muhammadu Sanusi II, has urged the Federal Government to fund education with trillions of naira spent on petroleum subsidy.

Fund education with trillions you spend on petroleum subsidy - Sanusi to FG lailasnews 2
Fund education with trillions you spend on petroleum subsidy – Sanusi to FG

He made the call yesterday, in Abuja, at the 6th convocation ceremony of the Nile University, Guardian reports.

He said:

“Let us spend money to educate our children, so that they can build these roads and bridges. We don’t need to invite the Chinese to do that for us.

“The leadership, at all levels, and followers must understand that this is what is most important. Our people do understand sometimes that if a governor does not build a bridge, he is seen as a non-performer.

“We build all these highways and there are more pedestrians on the highways than cars. Of those pedestrians are people without education. Let us invest more in education.” He added: “We complain about parents not sending their children to school. We complain about fathers not sending their girls to school because of cultural considerations.

Before I became an Emir, I used to complain about northern Nigeria not sending their children to school, but since becoming an Emir, I have realised that these complaints are ways of running away from responsibilities.

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