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Fulani herdsmen destroy 10 hectares of Cassava farm



A lady identified as Aina Tolulope has taken to twitter to narrate on how Fulani Herdsmen invaded a client’s farmer and destroyed about 10 hectares of Cassava farm close to harvest.

Fulani herdsmen destroy 10 hectares of Cassava farm – Lady reports

She wrote:

I am deeply saddened by this terrible news this morning. A clients 10 hectare cassava farm which is due for harvest was set ablaze by some fulani herds men who absconded on siting the flame. Its Dry season so any little fire will escalate voraciously.

She then later tweeted that same treatment had been meted on her by same Herdsmen:

I didn’t want talk about this but now i must,these herdsmen delibrately left their cattles to wander into my cassava farm on a sunday night.The extent of damage i declare was devastation Not excluding the flood and heavy theft case i had to deal with in october #EnoughisEnough

I know youths who faced similar ordeal this year Its one thing to say the youths are lazy, its another for them to be frustrated after hardwork& perseverance amongst the many challenges that already exist I still hold firmly to this cause but