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Feli Nuna: Record labels are demanding sex from me



Nigeria News

Ghanaian singer, Feli Nuna has stated that she rejected lots of offers from record labels because those in charge always demand sex from her before they sign her.

Record labels are demanding sex from me - Ghanaian singer Feli Nuna


“I want an executive producer who does not want to sleep with me but who wants to bring me money and work with me.”

“I’ve had a lot of offers from people who want to invest in my craft but they all say: ‘Your waist is nice’, or ‘you are a nice girl’, and at the end, sometimes they might not start from the beginning but it always gets there and I always complain”, she said.

According to Feli Nuna, record label owners who sign male artistes without demanding sex from them should also do the same when signing female artistes.

“All the male artistes you see, big men and influential people support them, so, does it mean that they also sleep with them? You are investing to get your money back; that is the same way you should approach it with a female artiste as well,” she stressed.

Feli Nuna concluded by urging rich female celebrities to invest in music business by starting record labels and signing female artistes as well.

“I’ve been facing this [challenge] from the outset of my career. I urge women who are financially sound to invest as well, they should also invest in other female artistes as well.

“Trust me, the music business is booming, you can make a lot of money from the music business if you take it seriously. More record labels focus on the show, not the business.”