Father poisons his 3 children with Sniper in Bayelsa State

Father poisons his 3 children with Sniper in Bayelsa State

A father of three has been arrested after he poisoned his children with Sniper in Bayelsa State, killing two while the third one survived.

The Commissioner of Police in Bayelsa State, Aminu Saleh confirmed the incident to newsmen.

The surviving son told newsmen that their father and his brother gave them the sniper to drink.

“Our father and his brother tied three of us and gave us sniper to drink. “I was told that my brothers are dead, and that I am the only one that survived,” the boy said in tears on his hospital bed.

He said that suspect and his brother, Aya Preye, were being charged for the murder of the two children. He identified the deceased boys as Miracle (12) and God’s time (10).

Sunday and his wife had divorced but the three children were living with their grandmother before the incident occurred. The police commissioner said that the suspect had alleged that his sons were wizards who were responsible for his sickness.

Dr Moses Emeka of Hillem Medical Centre, who attended to the only survivor, said the boy was brought to the hospital unconscious by an NDLEA official. The doctor confirmed that the survivor was responding to treatment and would soon recover.

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