Fan loses foot, 20 others injured as escalator loses control

Fan loses foot, 20 others injured as escalator loses control

An escalator lost control at a metro station in central Rome, as a fan lost his foot, also leaving more than 20 people injured.

The escalator at a metro station in Rome gave way, sending dozens of people crashing into each other at terrifying speed. The incident which occured at the Repubblica underground station was ahead of the Champions League clash in the Italian capital.

The station was filled with CSKA Moscow fans who were headed to the Stadio Olimpico for their team’s match against Roma. The escalator however malfunctioned when the fans – said to be singing and jumping – were making use of it.

Emergency services were at the scene and the station was closed, Italian news agency Ansa reported. Ansa said more than 20 people had been hurt, most of them suffering leg injuries.

One of the fans had a foot partially severed in the crush. The incident happened before CSKA Moscow’s match with Roma in the group stages of the Champions League.

Rome Mayor Virginia Raggi visited the metro station and said the local transport authority had opened an investigation.

‘From what witnesses have said, it seems that some fans were jumping and dancing on the stairs,’ Raggi told reporters.

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