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Etinosa accuses ex-husband of rape on first date, laments over fresh threat

Etinosa has accused her ex-husband of rape on first date, as she lamented over a fresh threat which was captured in the comment section of her post.

We reported earlier that the Nollywood actress who took to her Instagram page to spill a lot of secrets on the man, revealed that he not only abused her while they were married, but his mother. According to her, her ex-husband’s mother claimed that her son was cursed.

In a new post on Instagram, Etinosa who accused her ex-husband of rape on first date, stated that she is no longer afraid of the bully who she married after the rape incident. She wrote;

Now he sends his friend Lt Adedamola Adeleke.
FEAR is your strongest weapon. I am no longer afraid.
FEAR and Victim SHAMING are an abusers strongest weapons. I have no shame anymore. For someone that has been locked out of the house wearing nothing but her underwear in the middle of the night. No Dami, No I don’t have shame. No shame, No childhood, No FEAR you guys took that all away from me.

Should I talk about why I made that video about rape last year??? Because what I said ladies should do was exactly what I did. I closed my eyes and told myself I wanted it. When I made that video I was battling with memories and I used the only coping mechanism I know COMEDY. But Nigerians did not know. I could not come out and say it was my experience because how would I explain to Nigerians that I married a man who raped me on the first date. SHAME and FEAR. DAMMI LEAVE ME ALONE. YOU CAN’T BULLY ME ANYMORE

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