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Erica Mena arrested for drug possession



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Reality TV show star, Erica Mena got into trouble over the weekend, as she was reportedly arrested in Atlanta for drug possession.

Erica Mena arrested for drug possession lailasnews

Erica Mena who was arrested on October 12 for possession of a controlled substance (Marijuana), had less than 1 oz on her and ended up posting bail. The reality show star will have to return to court within the next few weeks to face the charge. A source close to TSR says Erica’s boyfriend also got into trouble, however it’s unclear as to what happened with him.


Erica Mena had occasionally been in fights with other reality stars. The former Love & Hip-Hop: New York cast member been verbally and/or physically aggressive with Nya LeeKimbella and Chrissy Monroe, among others. She had also in the past, opened up about her rough past in an interview with Vlad TV, explaining that she was born in a prison after her mother went to jail for selling drugs for her father.

“My father unfortunately, gave her an ultimatum. You drop off the scenario and I’ll give you the money for the crib that you need,” Mena explained about the situation, saying that her mother wasn’t released from prison until she was around 4 or 5.

“My sister actually held me down, Lisa, she was 18 years old, until I was 3 years old. It was a lot for her. That’s when my mom was like, I don’t want her to suffer, I’ll have the state take her. Me and my family had our fair share of troubles,” Mena explained. “I think that’s why now too, I’m so adamant about my mom not working and being such a provider for her. I feel like my elders have gone through so much … I work too, I wanna give them everything.”

Erica Mena explains that while her mother was in prison, she was sexually abused as a toddler.

“I was a baby, I was like still in a high chair,” Mena said, saying that the abuse ended when her mother was released from prison.

“No one knew about that until I was in my early teenage years, so I never got treated for it in a sense. I was just this little girl trying to adapt back to normalness,” she added.

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