There was huge drama after a lie detector exposed a bride’s 5-years secret affair with another man in the presence of her fiance.

Drama as lie detector exposes a bride's 5-years secret affair lailasnews

This is one situation no one would like to find them self in, as the bride was exposed after her fiance made her take a lie detector test.

When the results were being read to the couple, it was revealed that lady had unprotected sex a few days ago with the fitness trainer.

While trying to deny she cheated on her partner, the lie detector experts disclosed that her husband-to-be hired them to secretly follow her around. While still trying to prove her innocence, the fitness trainer was then invited into the room where the couple were arguing.

The argument got a bit fierce. The fitness trainer started accusing the lady of playing him for 5-years while she was engaged to someone else. The confused lady can be heard saying she’s in love with him while her heartbroken fiance stood next to them.

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The video ended with the fiance walking away from the room after he demanded the ring he gave her be returned.

According to the Twitter user who shared the videos, he disclosed that the man got the ring back and broke up with his cheating partner.

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