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Drake’s dad says he supports R Kelly 100%, speaks on Jussie Smollett



Drake’s dad, Dennis Graham has stated that embattled RnB singer, R Kelly, has his support 100%. He made this statement in an interview prompted to promote his new single ‘That on that’.

During the course of the interview, Dennis Graham was asked to speak on the situation with R Kelly who is currently facing charges of sexual abuse of underaged girls.

“He’s a good friend of mine. I wish him the best. I hate that it’s happening to him. There’s a reason why women come out after the fact. He has my support 100%”, he said.

The interview also geared towards Jussie Smollett. According to Drake’s dad, the Empire actor is misunderstood.

“Jussie has been misunderstood. As a matter of fact, they know that. That story that came out about Jussie in Chicago is not true about Jussie. Jussie is a friend of mine, also. They have totally reconstructed his story.”