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Download Music Mp3: Lil Tracy – Filet Mignon



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Lil Tracy Filet Mignon Mp3 Download – Lil Tracy has been edging closer to changing more than just his alias, but the perception around him as an artist. Bear in mind, it’s not easy to change perception on a moments notice, but in an odd twist of fate, the death of his closest collaborator has helped him do just that. By force of reckoning and not habit, Lil Tracy is challenging himself to be a better artist, and rise out of the umbrage created by his more successful partner. “Filet Mignon” is but the most recent in a string of attempts to better his course.


Think about it, Lil Tracy has all the resources in the World to succeed. His father was a member of a celebrated rap trifecta, while his partnership with Lil Peep opened the doors his father couldn’t. “Filet Mignon” produced by badmon56k, won’t be celebrated for its lyrical ingenuity, but it does serve as one of Lil Tracy’s better songwriting attempts, on record.


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