JoJo Pellegrino Reaper Eminem MGK Diss Mp3 Download – With all the white-on-white crime going on between Eminem and Machine Gun Kelly, MGK and G-Eazy, mayo and Miracle Whip, and whoever else I’m forgetting, Staten Island rapper JoJo Pellegrino has resurfaced with a new song dissing Em, MGK, and pretty much anyone who shares his skin complexion.

“Time to unleash. Yo 50 Cent what up. I got the strap!” JoJo says on Instagram. “Love you and Em but I gotta eat playboy. Figured I’d start with all these marshmallows. This right here is just a reminder that JJP is the best. No more pillow fighting, no more white rappers. I want mine and I’m taking it!”

Enjoy what he has to say to Eminem and MGK here on Makhits Media below.


Published by C.e.o

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