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Download Music Mp3: Floda Graé – “What To Do” + “Ran Away”



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Download Music Mp3: Floda Graé – “What To Do” + “Ran Away”

You know Floda Graé, and if you don’t she’s one of the bright music upcoming gems in south africa, born and raised in South Africa KwaZulu Natal.

Of course, she’s the bomb from South Africa and she keeps on raving with fire as she drops not one but two massive joints!!! She drops ” What To Do” and ” Ran Away

These are wavy jams thats more than just music , its a culture!! it incorporates and blends culture with her new wave melodic style as she has worked with artistes such as Donald, DJ Spectular & Naves, DJ Tira, Nadia Nakai, and Naak Musik..

its a song that will also inspire both teens and adults as it got relatable messages embedded in it as she got lyrics that will make you get goosebumps infused with melody that will sink into your hearts and soul!


You need to update your playlist with these two bangers ASAP!! as it available on every platform because its bout to be a global hit!!

Floda Graé – “What To Do”


Floda Graé – ” Ran Away “

Instagram: @flodagrae
Twitter: @FlodaGrae
Facebook: Floda Graé

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