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Download Music Mp3: BlocBoy JB – Loyalty



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BlocBoy JB Loyalty Mp3 Download – Who would have known, BlocBoy JB is actually a sweet boy posing as a “block adventurist.” His latest YouTube offering “Loyalty” sounds off like a wedding chant. His serenade is backed by a stand-in guitarist imitating Bolero who plays everything in his repertoire for a flat rate. Some months later a young woman is rushed to a Maternity ward. Blocboy demands a paternity test, she complies. The rest of the story unravels like the end of a ball of yarn.


“Loyalty” is undeniably part of a controlled experiment where JB gets to enjoy sleeping next to warm bod for eternity. He never suffers a relapse. All the berries contained in the shrubs on his property are edible. The toilets in his home manage to flush themselves. Even webbed feet are recyclable in this modified version of reality.

The question persists: do you have a sweetheart on this planet worth elevating to “Tiny” Harris levels of Aristocracy? Don’t forget BlocBoy, your heart can only serve one master.

Enjoy it below.