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Download Music Mp3: Bizzy Bone – Carbon Monoxide (Migos Diss)



Bizzy Bone Carbon Monoxide Migos Diss Mp3 Download – Bizzy Bone has never been one to forget a grudge. Least of all one aimed at Migos, whom he has officially dubbed the epitome of hip-hop’s misfortune. You may recall Bone Thug’s recent tilt with Atlanta’s new generation, which found Bizzy and Layzie united in their disdain toward Migos and 21 Savage. While the latter pair never responded on wax, Layzie Bone fired off a few shots of his own, with “Annihilation” and “Let Me Go Migo.” A few weeks back, Bizzy Bone, himself a legendary emcee, waded back into the fray with “Carbon Monoxide.”

We’ve already seen the man brandish a shotty on IG live. Suffice it to say, no games are being played. On “Carbon Monoxide,” the deeper reason for Bizzy’s beef appears to surface. Like Nas before him, Bizzy has declared hip-hop to be in a dying state. Moreover, he seems particularly annoyed at Migos’ audacity in claiming ignorance about Bone Thugs, a cardinal sin for any self-respecting hip-hop fan. On this one, Bizzy takes to an eerie instrumental to vent, proving that he’s still a formidable foe in every sense.

It’s an impressive stylistic display from Bizzy, who alternates deftly between different flows. His melodic silky falsetto weaves into a backpacker’s rugged poetry, a testament to the school of Bone. While it’s not quite a scathing assault on the Atlanta trio, it certainly serves as a reminder that not all foes can be swept under the rug.

Download and enjoy it below.