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We have Danny S & Olamide on a new banger tagged ‘Freestyle’. This is our Lyrics English Translation and Meaning for the song. Pheelz produced the track. Catch up with it below.


Shala shala, Iju Ishaga, Iju Ishaga

: –   –   –    –   –    –    –    –    –   –  –

MEANING: Shala Shala is just a sound and Iju Ishaga is a location in Lagos

Oga Chief, e jhor- gbeko

: Mr Man, do please- hang it

MEANING: kind of joking to shush the voice tag shouting ‘Pheelz Mr Producer’…lol

Ehh; gbeko; omo wobe yen da? Penpe

: – ; hang it; where is that street guy? [tri-quater trouser]


Omo, na one for the money

: guy, –   –   –    –    –    –   –

Two for the show; pop Don P if you got a bank role

Bank role, yeah, bank role

See all the girls on da team; no dey role ohh

Freestyle, ma se Freestyle

: –  –  –  –  be doing –   –

K’o ma mu beer; k’o ma mu Star

: be drinking beer; be drinking Star [beer]

Freestyle, ma se Freestyle

:  –   –   – be doing   –   –

K’o ma pon oke; p’o fe lo ri Star

: be climbing up; like you want go see the star


Oya; handkerchief- loke loke; loke loke, loke loke

: now,   –   –   –   –   up up; up up; up up

Oya; eruku da? – Loke loke; loke loke, loke loke

: now, where’r tough guys?- up up; up up; up up

Oya; omo wobe- loke loke; loke loke, loke loke

: now, street guys- up up; up up; up up

Oya; ori wire- loke loke; loke loke, loke loke; oya

now, wire head- up up; up up; up up; now

(Olamide- VERSE 1)

S’o ni contraband ninu motor, awe? [Awe]

: do you have contraband in the motor, mister? [Mister]

Gbe jade; seb’Aro l’o ma we [l’o ma we]

: bring it out; as it’s Aro that’ll role it [that’ll role it]

Hmmn; eni mo way l’o mo’we [l’o mo’we]

:  –   – who knows the way, knows the book [knows the book]

MEANING: popular saying among Nigerian students, to mean ‘who knows the means to pass the exam, is who knows the book/subject/course’

Them think say na moi-moi we dey we [we dey we]

:   –    –    –    –    –  –   –   –  –  – are wrapping [we are wrapping]

Ro, ro, ro bi kite; oya ro [oya ro]

: jag it, jag it, jag it like a kite; now, jag it [now jag it]

Wo [wo], wo [wo]; earoplane l’on fo, oya wo [oya wo]

: see [see], see [see];   –    – is what’s flying, now look [now see]

Yeh; gb’ese, k’o se frog jump [frog jump]

:  –  lift your leg, do frog jum [frog jump]

Ta bi guguru, ta bi popcorn [popcorn]

: pop like popcorn, pop like popcorn [ – ]

Ta bi ata, ta ni Taribo? [Taribo]

: splash like pepper, who is Taribo? [Taribo]

Ta ponpon bi ti Abasido [Abasido]

: bounce actively like Abasido [Obesere]; [Abasido]

Ahh; bi paper, mo ma ja yin oh [ja yin oh]

:   –  like paper, I’ll tear you [tear you]

Bi nylon, mo ma ja yin oh

: like nylon, I’ll tear you

E n se Yahoo Messenger ola yi oh

: you’re not Yahoo Messenger, ***

K’o de s’anybody t’o gb’se ran iya yin oh

: and nobody delegate work for your mum


(Danny S- VERSE 2)

Ta ni Ronaldo, ta ni Bebeto? Ehh

: who is Ronaldo, who is Bebeto?

Ta ni Messi, ta ni Okocha? Ehh

: who is Messi, who is Okocha?

Omo t’o sa se l’o gba bundle

: the guy that works hard receives the bundle [money]

Eyi t’o sere, won ma bundle e

: the one that snooze, they’ll bundle [drag out] him

Ori iya mi jhor, ori iya mi jhor

: sake of my mum, sake of my mum

Ma je k’on fi kinikan fun mi l’eko jhor

: don’t let them feed me pap with something

Tabatiada fun awon ota mi; Abilabi for my enemies

:   –   –    – for my enemies;  –   –   –  –    –   –  –   –

MEANING: ‘Tabatiada’ and ‘Abilabi’ are citations in the Quran used to ward off evil people/spells

Ta ni daddy re, ta ni mummy re?

: who’s her daddy, who’s her mummy?

Won ba e wi, o l’on gbera pediye

: they’re talking to you, you’re gallivanting

Bo sori field, k’o ja bread je [bread je]

: enter the field, and bite the bread [bite the bread]

Holy water re, k’o gbe Bible re [Bible re]

:  –   –   – is this, carry your Bible [your Bible]

Psalm 23, mo ti ja pa [ja pa]

:   –   –  – I’ve over read it [over cut/read it]

Eyin omo wobe, e ma gbera [gbera]

: y’all street guys, be rising up [rise up]

Arararara, Baba Fela [Iju Ishage, Iju Ishaga]

:  –   –   –  Pa Fela [-  –   -]

Ororororo, Femi Kuti

:  –   –   –   –   –   –  –

(VERSE 3- Danny S)

Charley good, Charley bad oh

:   –   –    –   –   –    –   –   –  –

Omo t’e n hate, l’awa love oh

: the girl you’re hating, is who we’re loving

Slay Mama l’awa like oh

:  –   –   – is who we like

Omo wobe l’awa feel oh; eh

: the streets guy/girl is who we’re feeling

Gimme Ki jhor, jhor jhor jhor

: give me kiss pls, pls pls pls

Gimme Ki jhor, jhor jhor jhor

: give me kiss pls, pls pls pls

Perf’ t’on run yen l’o te sibe

: that perfume that smells good is what you sprayed there

Toke Makinwa ma lo tu’be yen oh

:  –   –   –  –  – don’t unravel there

Awon kan n se bi omo Pharaoh

: some are acting like Pharaoh’s children

Pure water po ninu load e

:  –   –  –  – is plenty in her load [butt/boobs]

Iju Ishaga wa, ba mi load e

: there’s Iju Ishaga [in the bus], load it for me

Omo Ologo ti de, k’e ma bo’go

: the Glorious Child has come, start breaking bottles

Billiano wo’le, k’e ma melo

:  –  –  entered, y’all comport


Ah ah ah; one taran mehann; ahn ahn

Maria one taran mehann

: all just slangs from a popular foreign song



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