A Domino’s pizza worker identified as 38-year-old Jitender Kumar, was nabbed by paedophile hunters after he sent sex emojis to a ’13-year-old girl’.

Domino’s pizza worker nabbed after sending a ’13-year-old girl’ sex emojis lailasnews

The Domino’s pizza worker thought he was sending sex emojis and a photo of a woman performing a sex act with a snake to a 13-year-old girl called Molly, but he was actually sending it to a paedophile hunter group called ‘Stolen Youth No More’.

The image showed the lady inserting the viper between her legs with a condom over its head, and it was learnt that the father of two asked the girl if she had a boyfriend and if she had started her period yet.

Domino’s pizza worker nabbed after sending a ’13-year-old girl’ sex emojis lailasnews 1

Snaresbrook Crown Court heard that Kumar first sent an image of his credit card and asked Molly to come visit him. Six months later, on July 6, Kumar messaged her again, sent her a photo of his face and then forwarded her the image of the woman with the snake – which he called a “China special”.

The prosecutor John Evison told the court;

“He sent her a picture of a bedroom with a teddy bear on the bed.

“He told her to get the train to Paddington or Euston.”

He was tracked to his place of work, a Domino’s pizza takeaway in east London, by the paedophile hunters Stolen Youth No More on July 21. They held him there until police arrested him and brought him to Brixton police station. However on his own part, Kumar said he thought the profile was a prank organised by colleagues and that he sent the image of the snake to test them. But he then plead guilty to all three charges at the earliest possible opportunity.

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Kumar was however sentenced to 10 months imprisonment suspended for two years, a 60 day Rehab Activity Requirement, 100 hours of unpaid work, and a five year sexual harm prevention order.

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