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Domestic violence victim dies on her birthday



Nigeria News

A domestic violence victim identified as Manotsi Lemao, reportedly died on Thursday, the day she was celebrating her birthday.

Domestic violence victim dies on her birthday lailasnews

The death of the 42-year-old South African lady who was brutally beaten by her boyfriend last Monday, turned what should have been a happy day turned into a tragedy for her family. Daily Sun reported that Manotsi’s cousin Mateboho Selokoma (41), from Phase 6 kasi in Mangaung, said she discovered the truth after her husband went to collect some money from Manotsi.

“He found the boyfriend. He told him that he and Manotsi had a fight earlier and she was sleeping.

“I then went to check on her and I found her brutally beaten.

“She had a blue eye and her body was swollen. She could not walk on her own. She said her boyfriend had beaten her up.

“I took her to the doctor. X-rays revealed that she had a broken leg” she said.

Mateboho asked her to spend a few days with her and her family – but the domestic violence victim died on Thursday after eating her birthday cake.

“Before she died, she complained that her foot was itchy,” said Mateboho.

“She said her heart was beating too slow, and she fell on my son’s bed and died. Had this man not beaten her, she would still be alive.

“I wish the law would take its course.”

Police spokeswoman Sergeant Ikobeng Hlubi who confirmed the incident, disclosed that an investigation has been launched to unravel what led to the lady’s death.

“A inquest case has been registered.

“According to records, Manotsi was allegedly assaulted by her boyfriend and later discharged from hospital.

“She died at her cousin’s home and the police are waiting for the post mortem results to determine the cause of death.

“Depending on the results, the charge may possibly be changed to murder.”